Electronics has been a very important study for decades. Our lives have involved with electronics in many ways and it's an inevitable necessity. So, people should know basic electronics to fix electronic devices but it's not just a matter of fixing electronic devices. Electronics is developing everyday and it will make our lives better and all the developments should happen by electronics engineers. So, we are going to have Android apps for electronics engineering in this article. You can learn electronics engineering on Android and design circuits with these apps. We will also learn about electronics dictionary, electronics tools and electronics calculator for Android.


Learn Electronics Engineering on Android

Electronics is a science that needs a lot of hard work and needs to be dealt with carefully. Basic Electronics Engineering is a very useful app that teaches complete electronics basics in a detailed and understandable way. It covers 100 topics of electronics and they are divided into 5 units. All in all, it's a good way to learn electronics engineering on Android.


Electronic Tools and Components

Electronics is a practical science, so we should know what electronic tools and components are for and how to use them. ElectroDroid is a simple and complete guide for knowing them. Each of the tools and components, like resistors, has a complete and sufficient explanation and you won't be confused while trying to practically use them.


Design Circuits

After learning about tools and components, now it's time to do something practical. Circuits are used in elec tronics a lot and knowing if everything is in order before connecting the wires and components would assure you that it will work well. EveryCircuit is an app for designing circuits and after designing it, it will show if it works and you can know the dynamic voltage, current and other stuff about your circuit.


Electronics Calculator for Android

Electronics is a branch of physics, so it has a lot of formulas for sure. So, a calculator could come in handy. One of the best electronic calculators is Electronics Calculator for Android. It consists of various calculators, conversions, reference tables. It seems to make it much easier.


Electronics Dictionary

Every science has its own certain words and phrases. So if we face a word or phrase that we don't know, we can check the dictionary. Electronics dictionary, our last recommendation, is an Android dictionary with more than 4000 thousand words and phrases used in electronics. So, the problem of not knowing the words is solved.


After all, these were the best Android apps for electronics engineering. You can use these apps as a teacher of electronics and electronic components and for designing and testing circuits. You can also have the advantage of using electronics calculator and dictionary.

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