This article is about English Learning Android apps, so you can learn English on Android. Learning English is a very important program nowadays since English is the international language and most of the people know English. English makes it easy to communicate with the foreigners and you can keep up to date with what happens in the world. For the busy people, attending in English classes may be too hard and almost impossible. Some people would like to learn English and improve their listening and speaking skills anywhere they can. They can learn English on Android. Since Android devices are portable, you can use them to learn English anywhere. So if you want to learn English on Android, These are the best Android apps for English Learners.


Learning English for BBC

One of the best English learning Android apps is Learning English for BBC. It provides you with lesson for listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary … It has educational programs like words in news, pronunciations, 6 minute vocabulary and grammar and so many more. So, you can trust this app to play the role of your English teacher.


Learn English Podcasts

Another great app among Android apps for English learners is Learn English Podcasts. Listening to podcasts is of the best ways to improve your listening skills. You can listen to the different everyday conversations, recorded by native British people in this app. You can listen and read to check if you can under stand what is told. All in all, it's a perfect app for the ones who want to improve their listening skills.


Essential English Vocabulary

Essential English Vocabulary is another great app for learning vocabulary of English. It represents a lot of basic and essential words in 42 lessons. It provides you with games and questions to make the learning process fun and you can test how much you have improved your skill.


Learn English Grammar

Another great app among English learning Android apps is Learn English Grammar. It avails you to practice grammar and test your improvement with questions. The grammatical points are classified from beginner to advanced, so everyone can get benefits from this app.


English Pronunciation

Our last recommendation is English Pronunciation. It teaches you how to pronounce the words properly by telling you the position of your tongue and lips, short and long vowels, voiced and unvoiced sounds ... So you can speak English fluently if you use it well.


So, these were the best apps for learning English. We found out about learning English in general, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciations.

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