Well, we should be able to listen and understand what others say in order to be able to communicate with others. The best Android apps for English listening will be introduce to you in order to improve your listening skills and you’ll be able to distinguish the spoken words from each other. This skill is developed through time by practicing and it must be a great thing to improve English listening on Android. These Android educational apps will use different methods to help you achieve these skills and increase them to a great amount.


English Listening and Speaking

Trying to improve English listening on Android can be performed through different ways and English Listening and Speaking has a brilliant way to offer them. You can listen to various shorts stories and thousands of daily conversations. It will be very beneficial for your other skills too. You’ll learn a lot of idioms and phrases, and improve your Grammar, speaking, and writing.


LearnEnglish Podcasts

Podcasts have very strong effects on listening skills and they are often suggested by teachers and professors. So, you should try to improve English listening on Android by using LearnEnglish Podcasts. It has a lot of 30 minute episodes that you can also read along while listening and then, you can put your skills into test by answering the questions.


Learn English Listening

Learn English Listening is one of the best Android educational apps that will improve not only your listening skill, but also Grammar and Speaking. You can listen to simple English conversations and use its built-in dictionary. You can use this app offline and once you have downloaded the podcasts, you won’t need to be online to listen to them.


Listening English with BBC

Well, hearing the words of native speakers is very important for listening and BBC programs speak very clearly and fluently. So, you can listen to them in Listening English with BBC, which has daily programs for improving your skills. These programs have different subjects and convey the information in 6 minutes.


English Radio - IELTS TOEFL

You can have access to the sea of English conversations with English Radio - IELTS TOEFL, one of the best Android educational apps. It has a great collection of English radios and you can listen to them to get the information properly. You can also make friends with other users and have conversations with them which is the best way to improve both listening and speaking.


All in all, these are the best Android apps for English listening. They help you improve your listening skills through different methods like podcasts, radios and even conversations.

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