Anyone who wants to speak a language properly should know how to pronounce and articulate the words clearly. The best Android apps for English pronunciation will be introduced today in order to help you know the correct pronunciation of the words. As you know, if you don’t pronounce the words correctly, people might find it funny or might not understand you at all. So, you could use a little bit of help from the Android educational apps we’ll introduce. So, if you want to pronounce correctly on Android, here are the best apps for you,


English Pronunciation

English Pronunciation is one of the best Android educational apps that teaches you the sounds, words and how to pronounce them. It has listed the sounds by the phonetic signs and you will be able to distinguish the sounds from each other. Then you can learn about the pronunciation of different words and you can even test yours and compare it with the correct ones.



Have you ever come across with a new word and wondered what might be its correct pronunciation? Well, you can learn to pronounce correctly on Android with Pronunciation. Write literally anything you want and it will pronounce it for you in the correct form. You can choose the voice pitch and rate of the speaker.


Speak English

Learn to pronounce correctly on Android step by step with Speak English. It’s a great app that has divided the lessons into beginner and advanced sessions and you can choose them based on your knowledge. You’ll listen to the different pronunciations and lessons for improving it, repeat them and compare your pronunciation with the correct ones.


English Pronunciation Practice

English Pronunciation Practice is one of the best Android educational apps that tries to improve your pronunciation through different methods. It has over 50 lessons and you can also learn from its simple pronunciation, dialogues, photographs, and summaries. In the end, you’ll see how much you have improved your correct pronunciation.


American English Pronunciation

American English Pronunciation, our last recommendation, teaches you the pronunciation in details with phonetic alphabet. To pronounce the words correctly, you should be able to distinguish the sounds of the words from each other and it’s exactly what the app helps you with.


All in all, these are the best Android apps for English pronunciation. We use them to improve our pronunciation skills by learning about the sounds and repeating the correct pronunciations.

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