Reading is an important part of language and all the international tests for different certificate consider it seriously. Android apps for English reading will be introduced today because many people need help to improve their reading skills and these apps are what they are looking for. First of all, you need to understand the context accurately by reading intensively and then, you need to do it in the limited time you are given to get a good score in that part. You can learn English reading on Android to be qualified for the certificates and all you need are these Android educational apps.


IELTS Reading

If your skills are enough for tests like IELTS, they are enough to know the language properly. So, we start with IELTS Reading to extend your skills to the required degree. It is one of the greatest Android educational apps that has provided various subjects for you to read. Once you have read the context, you should answer the comprehension questions to see how much you have improved.


Reading Comprehension

TOEFL is another reliable test that gets you ready for using a language and Reading Comprehension focuses on improving your reading skills to get you ready for TOEFL. Well, you can read its texts and answer the comprehension questions to get better at reading by daily practice. Then you can check the statistics to see how much you have enhanced. So, if you want to learn English reading on Android, don’t miss it.


English Reading Daily - Awabe

Well, there is no better way to learn a language than learning it from its natural context; so, the more you read, the more you learn the language. English Reading Daily - Awabe is one of the best Android educational apps that brings you several daily subjects to read about and the more you read, the more you improve not only in reading but also in other aspects of the language.


Kids Learn to Read

Well, kids need learn reading too, and it should be done with different methods. Kids Learn to Read is a great way to learn English reading on Android and it contains simple readings for children. Kids get bored fast but this app is designed in a way that children will like it. There are beautiful drawings and cute characters to entertain them.


Practice English Reading

Practice English Reading, the last one in this list, comes with various subjects that you can read without getting bored. There are many texts for each subject and you can read them every day and see how much you have got better at reading. You can also listen to the audio while reading to improve your listening and pronunciation too.


So, this is it: the best Android app for English reading. They contain various texts with different topics that improve your reading skills and you can also test them by answering the comprehension questions.

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