Without words there would be no language and so, it is essential to know the vocabulary of a language to learn it. Top 5 Android apps for English vocabulary will be introduced today for the ones who are trying to learn the international language and once they achieve the ability to remember the necessary words, they will be able to combine them together to make sentences and understand the language. It must be a faster way to learn English vocabulary on Android, so don’t miss the Android educational apps we’re about to introduce below.


Test Your English Vocabulary

Test Your English Vocabulary is not only a brilliant way to evaluate your knowledge of vocabulary but also a great way to learn English vocabulary on Android. It contains more than 3000 words with different categorizations which you can search for them in this app. Then you can test how much you have learned by answering the questions that are prepared for you.


Learn English Words Free

Learn English Words Free is one of the best Android educational apps that uses awesome methods to teach you the words of English. You can learn over 10000 words and phrases with pictures and audio pronunciations. It also has a vocabulary trainer that contains different types of questions and you can improve your skills with it.


Learn English - 6000 Words

If you want to learn English vocabulary on Android easily, you should try Learn English - 6000 Words. It is one of the best Android educational apps that teaches you the vocabulary in a fun way and with pictures. Aside from the meaning of the words, you can also learn native pronunciation of them and all of these can happen through cool games.


English Vocabulary

Over 2000 selected words are waiting for you in English Vocabulary and you can easily master them because the app has a great method of teaching them. These words are taught in different lessons and you can test how much you have learned from its quizzes. You’ll see the results within a little time.


13000 English Vocabulary Video

There is no better way than learning the words from the context and it is 13000 English Vocabulary Video has brought for you. It has divided the words into different categories and you can learn thousands of words by watching the videos.


After all, these are the best Android apps for English Vocabulary. After some time of education and practice with these apps, you’ll be able to remember most of the necessary words of English anytime you want.

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