Being fit and healthy is something that is desired by most of the people. Some people go to gym; some exercise at home but the point is you need to know the moves. So, for another time Android has the solution. The ones who don't want to go to gym and want to work out at home will find these workout Android apps very useful. Also the ones who go to gym can find some interesting stuff in these apps. So, if you want to learn how to work out using Android keep on reading this article about top 5 Android apps for fitness.


Abs workout (Caynax A6W)

One way to learn how to work out using Android is Caynax A6W. It is a very useful app for fitness. It gives you a workout schedule for 42 days and the exercise of every day is different from the other. Tap on the day you are in and start workout. It will count down and then the exercise begins. It will show you the picture of what you should do and counts with you to discipline your workout. You will see the consequences after 42 days.


Daily Workout

Another great app among workout Android apps is Daily Workout. First, you choose what part of body you want to work on and then you can choose between 5 min, 8min and 10 min exercise. When you tap on play button, it shows you the moves and counts down. Then, you should copy what the instructor does. The app has a variety of moves and you will find this app very useful.



Another great app among Android apps for fitness is 7 MINUTE. The app has two parts: Workout and calendar. In the second part a calendar has been given to you and you can give your weight to app and you can check your schedule and compare the results using this part. In the workout part, you will choose the type of the workout and it will give you the moves and count down and then you will do the moves in the given time. You can also see the instructions at once. All in all, it's very useful.


Push Ups

Another cool app among workout Android apps is Push Ups. Evidently, this app was made only for pushups. This app has a training part and a practice part. In practice part, you can freely do pushups and it will count them. You just need to touch the screen with a part of your face in every pushup.  In training part, you will be tested first and it will give you a pushup schedule from easy to hard level. You can also check your records.


Workout Trainer

Our last recommendation for you is Workout Trainer. First of all, it asks about your information to give you a more accurate schedule. Then you will sign up and then choose how many days of the week you want to exercise. It will show you the exercises, showing pictures to instruct and using timer, recommended for you based on your information and you can try them and then you will pick a schedule and you will start working out.


So, these apps were for the ones who wanted some instructions for working out and also a timer and counter for this purpose. These apps will help you be fit and healthy and you will have a more beautiful body using these apps.