Geography is a science that needs to be studied through maps and studying world atlas on Android is a good way of learning. As you know, Geography is the science of places and the relationships between people and their environments and so, all of the people who are in charge of building and organizing cities need to know geography. In this article, we will introduce the best android apps for geography. You can use them to learn geography and test your knowledge about it. There are also geography dictionary, world atlas and a geography game.


Learn Geography on Android

The earth is made continents and they are made of countries and each country has its certain features and geographical information. So a big part of learning geography is learning about countries. Countries of the World is made for this purpose and you can learn geography on Android with it. It will help you learn about the flags, capitals, populations and so many more about countries.


Test Your Knowledge of Geography

After learning about geography, now it's time to put your knowledge in a test and you can use GeoWhere Geography Learning for it. It's another great app that has its own merits. You should choose a continent first and it will give you five points on map and you should say where it is and the information about it. It's a great way to learn geography too.


World Atlas on Android

Atlas is a complete book of maps with geographical information. So, it's exactly what a geography lover needs. World Atlas is the is a complete Android atlas that is updated from time to time so you can get the latest information and keep up with others. It also contains information like travel info, weather info, satellite maps … It also has a quiz mode. I daresay it's a perfect world atlas on Android.


Geography Dictionary

Just like other sciences, you need to know the meanings of the words to learn the science itself. World Geography Dictionary provides geographical words and expressions with their meanings and descriptions. It also represents examples for every word so you can understand the meaning better. It has a category so you can also see the words by their topics. It's not just a simple dictionary. It has also quizzes and puzzles.


Globe Master 3D, A Game for Learning Geography

Globe Master 3D, our last recommendation, is a fun and educational game. It represents our earth in a 3D globe and you should answer different kinds of questions about the parts of this globe. It contains 80 challenging levels and will be glad of playing all these 80 levels.


All in all, these were the best Android apps for geography. They are designed for teaching geography and testing what you have learnt. We also introduced a complete and up to date world atlas, a geography dictionary and 3D globe as a game.

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