Geology is the science of earth. Using mineral classification for Android can be very useful for the geology lovers because rock and mineral classification is very important in geology. Geology plays an important role in engineering too, so we decided to gather the best Android apps for geology for you. These apps will help you with mineral classification and will help you test your knowledge about it and you can also find an app foe learning engineering geology. We will have a geology dictionary and a geology game too.


Mineral Classification for Android

As I have mentioned before, minerals play an important part in geology. So, we should know them and their features and to what classification they belong, and so, why don't we use mineral classification for Android? Smart Geology- Mineral Guide is the perfect app for this purpose. It provides a variety of minerals and their features and classifications. It also contains features like, time scale, geology dictionary and another feature for detecting hand-specimen.


Test Knowledge of Geology on Android

Now that we have learnt about minerals, it’s time to test knowledge of geology on Android. Minerals - quiz is another app that shows the images of the minerals you should guess which mineral it is. It's a great way to know the minerals.


Learn Engineering Geology on Android

Geology is a science that is used in engineering a lot because engineers need to know the features of the earth. Engineering Geology is an educational app that provides the lessons of engineering geology in 5 chapters. It's a perfect way for learning engineering geology and covers most of the topics that is needed in engineering geology.


Geology Dictionary

As you know, we have introduced a dictionary for most of the articles for science and now, it's for a geology dictionary. Geology Dictionary provides more than 6800 words and phrases with their meanings and descriptions. A good feature of this dictionary is that it lets you bookmark the word you want so you can find it easily. Another good feature is availing you to add new words.


Geology Game

Geology 2048, the last app in this article, is a geology puzzle. Its pieces show the pictures of the minerals and you should arrange them in a proper pattern. So, it can be a good way of knowing minerals. A game for fun and education!


So, these were the best Android apps for geology that can be used to learn about minerals and test your knowledge about them and learn engineering geology. We also had a geology dictionary and a geology game.

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