In the tumult of the modern world, it's always nice to get into a tranquil situation and blow off some steam. We'll introduce Android apps for golf lovers today, because it's one of the most relaxing sports in the world and lots of people love playing it. The rules are pretty simple. You have to hit the ball into the hole from different distances and the sooner you do it, the more score you gain. The apps we’re about to introduce can be categorized into Android GPS apps, news apps, analyzing apps, score management apps and golf games for Android.



Well, knowing the distance between the fairway and the hole and its position can be a great help in golf. Hole19 is one of those Android GPS apps that are designed for golfing and golfers can use its merits. You can also use it with Android Wear to see the range, manage the strokes, scores, etc. Golfers can rely on this amazing assistant to play it easily.


V1 Golf

Have you ever doubted about the way you play golf? There might be some flaws in your movements and posing that may make golfing very difficult but there's a solution for that. Record a video of your playing and import it to V1 Golf app and it will analyze your movements. Then it will inform you about your faults and how to fix them. So, you'll improve very fast.


Golf Channel

Big fans of golfing would like to know about new events and matches and Golf Channel is a perfect app for this purpose. It has different sections, such as tour scores, news, opinion, videos, photos, instructions and much other useful stuff. You can use it to watch live matches too.


Golf Star

Be the greatest golfer of the age in Golf Star. It's one of the best golf games for Android and you can experience competing with other players all around the world. The real physics-based gameplay, various beautiful environments and graphics are brilliant and will leave you in awe and you'll love it. Try it on a good phone.


Golf Score Management App

Well, the time of taking a paper and pencil to golf games for keeping scores has passed and you don't have to waste papers and carry extra stuff to manage your scores. Golf Score Management App has simplified the task and you just need to touch the screen of your Android device to manage your scores. The app is easy to use and will be a great help on the green.


So, these are the best Android apps for golf lovers. If you're interested in downloading them, I must restate that they are Android GPS apps, news apps, analyzing apps, score management apps and golf games for Android.

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