Most of the people in the world know English and it’s necessary to know English in order to have a successful career. Android apps for IELTS preparation will be introduced today for the ones who find this certificate necessary for their business. These Android educational apps will help you get a good score in IELTS in order to be qualified for the best universities all around the world. So, if you have any intentions to prepare for IELTS on Android, here are the best apps for you.



Learning English and improving your skills needs proper instructions, and you can trust IELTS NGOC BACH with it. It’s one of the best Android educational apps that contains a lot of useful information about different aspects of English language and it’s perfectly proper for IELTS. The descriptions of the different subjects like vocabulary and listening are complete and explicit and everything that is needed is there.


IELTS Listening

Listening is a significant part of a language and you should understand what you hear to get a good score in IELTS. IELTS Listening is a great app that will help you prepare for IELTS on Android and you will improve your listening skills with new methods and you’ll be able to answer most of the listening questions correctly.


IELTS Exam Preparation

If you want to prepare for IELTS on Android, you shoul d develop your skills in IELTS Exam Preparation. It one of the most complete Android educational apps and includes all the subjects needed for IELTS. Once you have developed your skills, you can test them by answering the question the app has prepared for you.


IELTS Speaking Assistant

Well, as well as other skills, you should be able to speak well to be successful in IELTS exam and we have a great way to improve it. IELTS Speaking Assistant has various practices and tests to improve your speaking skills. The app is user friendly and easy to use and it has all you need for speaking of IELTS.



Our last recommendation is full of tips for succeeding in IELTS. IELTS Tips contains step by step lessons and tips to teach you how you should perform in IELTS exam and you will get instructions about reading, writing, speaking and listening and you’ll test how much you have learned from time to time within the exams the app has prepared for you.


So, these are the best Android apps for IELTS preparation. They’ll help you get a lot of instructions about English language and how you should perform in the exam to get a good score in it.

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