IQ test is a famous test for estimating how much clever and logical someone is. This article is about Android apps for IQ test but that's not all. Not only you can test your IQ on Android with these apps but you can also exercise your brain on Android. IQ is not something steady and it can get better and worse. So, if you care much about your IQ, you've got to work on it and after a while you'll see the results. So, if you want to test your IQ on Android, keep on reading.


IQ Test Preparation

IQ Test Preparation is a great way to test your IQ on Android. It contains hundreds of question and covers different topics such as visual patterns, number and alphabetical sequence, mental arithmetic and so many more. It's also a perfect way to prepare your brain for school, college and university tests and generally, a perfect way to improve your mental health.


Raven IQ Test

Raven Test is a pretty famous IQ test and mostly uses the relations between shapes to estimate your intellection and logic. Raven IQ Test is the Android version of this test. It contains 60 images and you should choose the missing part from 6 or 8 variants of complement in each one.


Brain Sharpener

If you want to exercise your brain on Android, this is it. Brain Sharpener- IQ Test is a brilliant app that keeps your mind active and after using it for a while, your IQ range will improve. The app contains a lot of mathematical questions and they are arranged in a way that is best for brain workout. The questions cover topics like lite algebra, arithmetic, addition and so many more.


IQ and Aptitude Test Practice

IQ and Aptitude Test Practice is not just a simple IQ test. You can use it to prepare your mind for school admission exams and job interviews too. It provides more than hundred IQ test questions categorized into logical, spatial and numerical tests. Most of the questions have hints and answers in case you need help.



Mantiq, our last recommendation, is an app for improving your IQ. It contains questions of various topics. You should find the answers based on relations between shapes, numbers or alphabets. So if you're interested in improving your IQ range, you've got to give it a try.


So, these were the best Android apps for IQ test and if you want to test your IQ range or improve it, you will find the introduced apps very useful.

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