Most of us have some fantasies and we would like to make them come to life. We are going to have Android apps for making animation because it's the best way to bring the fantasy world to life. These apps will help you create your cartoon on Android and if you know about drawing and animating you can make great animations with them. The ones who are not acquainted with animating can use the apps with prepared models and tell your story with them. We will also have a 3D animation maker Android app.



Express your creativeness and professional skills with Flipaclip. For making cartoon with this app, you should draw it frame by frame, just like flipbook. You can use the drawing tools to draw the frames and meanwhile you can see the after and before frames as ghost images. There is an animation timeline and other tools to manage the frames. It seems to be a perfect app to create your cartoon on Android.


Animator: Make Your Cartoons!

You don't need any expertise to make cartoons with Animator. You can draw what you want frame by frame and make it an animation. Then, you can export it into GIFs or videos. The app has its own great tools for drawing, managing frames, showing frames as transparent layers, exporting to GIFs and movie files and many other tools.


Animate It: 3D Animation Maker Android App!

Animate It! is a great 3D animation maker Android app that is very simple to use. There are simplified figures of men and you can edit them to shape them how you like. You can move camera and zoom in and out just like 3D animation making software for PC but it is much easier.


Stick Nodes

Stick Nodes is another app to create your cartoon on Android but this time you have to work with stickmen. Draw different types of stickmen, move them, draw the background and move the camera and zoom in and out ant at last, export your cartoon to a GIF or a video file.



If you don't want to draw anything and choose the easy way, Anitales is the perfect app for you. You can choose everything from the prepared models. You can choose the characters, background and other things. You can also use this app to narrate what you write, so you can tell a story with this app too.


After all, these are the best Android apps for making animation. We had apps to draw animation frame by frame, make 3D animation and an app for making animation, using the prepared models. Have fun!

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