Since Android has a solution for everything, you can learn math tricks on Android and get help from Android to solve its problems because math is a significant science that needs a great deal of brain work and getting some help can be very useful. In this article, you will find Android apps for mathematics that solve math problems, teach math tricks and math lessons, keep your brain healthy and ready for math and teach math to your kids through a funny game. So, let's get started.


Solve Math Problems on Android

Photomath is a camera calculator and math assistant with a great accuracy. It's a great way to solve math problems on Android because it works very easy and fast. You just need to point your camera toward the math problem and it will calculate the answer very fast. It also shows the step by step solution, so you can learn how to solve the similar problems yourself. The app covers a lot of topics of mathematics and solutions for more complex problems will be available soon.


Learn Math Tricks on Android

Math tricks are the shortcuts to find answers quickly and easily. The ones who know these tricks will find the answers for math problems quicker than the classical ways. Math Tricks is a brilliant app that contains a lot of these tricks and its method of teaching is admirable. Learning things via games is an enjoyable method of education and the information lasts longer in mind and it is exactly what this app is trying to do. Learn math tricks on Android and have fun, playing math games; a cool way of learning.


Keep Your Brain Healthy with Math Wo rkout

Here is another usage of mathematics. Math is a science that is well known for exercising the brain and exercise keeps you healthy. So if you want to keep your brain healthy, you have to solve some math problems from time to time.  Math Workout is an app that provides you with a lot of math problems for brain exercise and you can use this app daily to keep your brain healthy and strong.


Learn Complete Mathematics on Android

Imagine an app that functions as a good teacher and teaches you mathematics in a simple way and provides you with complete tutorials, formulas, quizzes, dictionary, calculators and so many more. Well, this app literally exists and it is called Complete Mathematics. Although it covers a whole lot of topics in mathematics, it expands in every update and represents more lessons for you. These brilliant features make it hard not to download it.


Mathematics for Kids

The last recommendation of top 5 Android apps for Mathematics is a funny and cute game that teaches math to the children. Children may not be interested in mathematics but the brilliant graphics and cute characters of the Zap Zap Math will make them love it. The kids can easily learn the basic lessons of mathematics in this app.


Learning math tricks and full lesson, solving math problems, keeping your brain healthy and strong and teaching mathematics to kids were the introduced apps' features and they seem to be very helpful to the ones who use them.