Mechanical engineering is a study for designing and creating machines using physical laws. It's very important for industry and so, the factories require mechanical engineers to compete with others and its importance is clear. In this article, we are going to introduce the best Android apps for mechanical engineering with which you can learn basics of mechanical engineering, test your knowledge in it and build mechanical structures on Android. We will also have mechanical engineering dictionary and an app to learn machine designing on Android.


Learn Mechanical Engineering Basics on Android

Mechanical engineering is one of the most complicated sciences and it needs a great deal of knowledge. Basic Mechanical Engineering is a great app for learning Mechanical Engineering basics. It contains tutorials with good and simple descriptions and covers most of the mechanical engineering topics.


Test Your Knowledge of Mechanical Engineering

The previous app was for learning mechanical engineering and what do we do after learning? We test our knowledge to see how much we have learnt. EduQuiz: Mechanical Engineering is an app that has a lot of questions prepared for you. It covers most of mechanical engineering topics and tells the right answer after you have done it; so you can correct your mistakes.


Learn Machine Designing on Android

So, after learning the theories completely we should learn practical mechanical engineering. Machine Drawing and Design is a complete guide for creating machines. It has 4 chapters and teaches how to design different types of machines. It's a very good app for the students.


Build Mechanical Structures on Android

The best way to learn something is studying practically. Truss Me! is an app that you can use to build mechanical structures on Android. Mechanical structures are highly depended on physical laws. So, if you pick the wrong item with your structure won't function well. This app obeys these laws and you need to obey them if you want the structure to function correctly.


Mechanical Engineering Dictionary

Every science needs a dictionary for its special words and phrases and mechanical engineering is not an exception. Mechanical Engg Dictionary is an offline dictionary that contains more than 4000 words. The explanation for each word is clear. The app cover a lot of mechanical topics and students, teachers and even professionals will find it useful.


All in all, these were the best Android apps for mechanical engineering. You can find apps for learning the basics and testing your knowledge, learning to design machines and building them and a dictionary for this field of study among these apps.

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