We are living in a world full of noise and stress, and mental diseases are becoming something natural. Therefore, we'll have Android apps for meditation in this article but first of all, what is meditation? Meditation is a calm state of mind without any worries about anything and it helps you perform much better in your life. It's a wonderful feeling to let go of everything in this life and have inner peace for a while. So, if you are interested, we are going to introduce apps for learning meditation and relaxing and also apps for meditation music on Android.



Meditation not only helps you relax but it also improves the state of your mind and brain. You should know some techniques to do it and Headspace is a great app to do this. It will show you how to have a healthier, happier and more enjoyable life. It also has a personalized progress page so you can check how much you have improved. It also has reminders too.


Free Meditation - Take a Break

Take a Break is another great way to relax using Android. It contains tips for meditating, step by step instructions and meditation practices. It has two types of practices: work break relaxation and stress relief meditation and they are timed practices with special relaxing music, which is optional.


Meditation Made Simple

Meditation is not an easy job and it needs a lot of practice but knowing how to meditate is something different. If yo u want to know how to meditate simply, then you'd better try Meditation Made Simple. It tells you about the benefits of meditation and gives you simple instructions. It also has 10 minute and 20 minute practice. So, if you want to easily relax using Android, this app is highly recommended.


Relax Meditation: Sleep Sounds

Meditation and sleep are two inseparable things and if you meditate well you can sleep well and if you sleep well you can meditate well. Some voices can help you meditate well and relax. Relax Meditation: Sleep Sounds includes a whole lot of relaxing sounds for you and you can improve your meditating and sleep with this app.


Meditation Music

Music plays a very important role in meditation and relaxing and why don't we use meditation music on Android? Meditation Music is a great app with great song, suitable for meditation. You can enjoy the high quality songs while meditating and that's the purpose of meditation: enjoying your life. You can also set up a timer in this app and song stops when the time is over.


So, these were the best Android apps for meditation and you can use them to learn and practice meditation and relax. We also had meditation Music on Android. Wish you a peaceful life!

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