In this article we will learn about physics apps for Android to know more about physics on Android. Physics is one of the major sciences and plays an important role in our life. A lot of developments in our lives have happened through physics and if you are interested in physics, you'd better keep on reading this article. We have gathered the best apps for information about physics, physics formulas, physical experiments, solving physical experiments and a game for getting involved in physical laws. Here are the best apps to know more about physics on Android.


Pocket Physics

One of the great Android apps for physics lovers is Pocket Physics. It's a great app to know the important topics of physics. It represents the main topics of physics with all of its vital concepts and descriptions, formulas and equations. So it can be useful for the ones who study physics too, especially for reviewing the critical concepts before an exam. All in all, it's a very good app to learn and know more about physics on Android.


Physics Formulas

Another great app among physics apps for Android is Physics Formulas. It provides you with the physics formulas you're looking for. You can search for your formulas by topics, so you can find them easily. It also shows the picture of the formula, so you can understand it better. It's also a good app for before-exam review.


Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite

Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite is another great app among Android apps for physics lovers. It is a very useful app for physics experiments. It uses the sensors of your device to collect and measure your data and tell you the number. The data is exported in comma separated value and analog data is showed on a graph based on time. So if you want to do physical experiments but you don't have the main tools, you can use this app for certain experiments.


Physics Solver

Another cool app among physics apps for Android is physics solver. You can choose the type of your problem and give the data to it and it will solve it. It will show every step that is needed to be taken to solve the problem with simple explanation. So it's a good app to learn how to solve the physics problems.


Brain It On!

Our last recommendation is a game called Brain It On! It's not a game just for fun. It's a physics puzzle and you need to know physical laws to solve the problems. Solve the puzzles and you'll see how much your brain has developed in physics.


So, these were the Android apps for physics lovers. You can use these apps to learn physics and its formulas, experiment physical laws, solve physical problems and develop your brain for physics.

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