If you've read our previous articles, you must know that we had educational games for kids but today we want to focus on Android apps for preschoolers. Entering school is a big part of life and if we prepare kids and give them a general idea about lessons, the process of learning will be much easier and productive. Take numbers, if children know about them before entering school, they'll learn mathematics faster. If you keep on reading, you'll find apps that will help kids learn ABC on Android, learn to read, improve their handwriting. We'll also have apps for learning basics and math learning apps for Android.


Preschool and Kindergarten

Basic stuff, like learning about shapes and colors, will come in useful many times and we shouldn't underestimate them. Preschool and Kindergarten is an app that not only have covered these subjects but also it has prepared memory games and puzzles. You can also use it to learn ABC on Android, spell, learn counting and a little bit of math.


Endless Alphabet

Well, if you want to learn ABC on Android, Endless Alphabet is what you're looking for. It's a perfect app with a method that every child will like. The cute monsters will teach alphabet and then you'll face examples and games for each letter and word and step by step, your kids will know about reading and writing.


Kids Learn to Read

Kids Learn to Read is another great way of learning reading. It contains lots of jovial games which educate your kids about words and reading them. Cute animals with colorful drawings will motivate your kids to play this game eagerly and they'll learn reading happily. If you want to learn reading, don't miss it.


123s ABCs Kids Handwriting ZBP

123s ABCs Kids Handwriting ZBP is not only a great app to learn ABC, numbers and shapes but it also is a great way of improving your handwriting. If you use pen to follow the patterns, you'll see the results very soon. It tells which letter, number or shape it is and so learning them will be very easy for kids.


Math Learning Games for Kids

Among the math learning apps for Android, Math Learning Games for Kids is an awesome choice. A cute squirrel will be your friend in the story of jungle full math problems. You should help him to keep on going by solving them. The game won't get boring at all and the learning process won't stop.


So, this is it. Here are the best Android apps for preschoolers including math learning apps for Android, apps for learning alphabet, basic things and improving handwriting.

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