We are surrounded by computers nowadays and they do a lot of things for us. As a matter of fact, a big part of our comfort has happened by computers and computer runs with software. Now, where does software come from? It is made by programmers. Programming is a complicated study with which they write software. There are different various languages for programming and each of them has its own techniques. So, we have decided to introduce an app that helps you learn programming on Android. Why not? Everything can be learnt on Android. These cool Android apps for programmers will also help you learn about algorithms and get new articles about them, calculate data into binary codes and automate tasks on Android using flowcharts. We will also have a programming language for Android.


Learn Programming on Android

As I mentioned before, programming has a lot of complicated languages containing a lot of codes and these languages are understandable for computer. After computing, the words written in computer language will become software. So, knowing programming languages is essential for programmers. You can learn more than eighteen programming language with Programming Hub. It contains languages like Assembly, JavaScript, C … and you can learn them very fast because the app has provided theories by experts and examples of readymade programs. It's a great way to learn programming on Android.


Learn Algorithms and Get the Latest Articles

Algorithms are orders you give to computer in a pattern and you need to know in what order and how to do it. Programming Algorithms not only provides you tutorials to learn it but also contributes the latest articles about it. It also prepares you for an exam or interview.


Automate Tasks on Android

Automate is an app for automating tasks on your smartphones. The main benefit of it is that you will have the tasks done automatically but the point is that you should do it using flowcharts. Flowcharts are algorithms drawn in shapes and connected by lines in order. So, this app will help you get familiar with flowcharts and how to use them. So you will automate tasks on Android and learn about flowcharts at the same time.


A Programming Language for Android

After you have learnt everything about programming, it's time to practice. Frink Programming Language is a programming language that is available on both Android and PC. It's a language for simple programming, like drawing graphics. So, it's a great way to practice programming on an Android device. It can also be used as a calculator.


Programming Calculator

Binary codes are made of numbers 0 and 1 and they are understandable for computer. So we should turn what is understandable for us into binary codes make programming possible. Programmers Calculator Binary has made it easier by doing it completely. Just give the data to it and it will turn them into binary codes in any format you want.


So, these were the best Android apps for programmers: apps for learning programming languages, algorithms and flowcharts and automating tasks of your device. We had also a programming language for Android and programming calculator.

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