Psychology dictionary for Android is used by a lot of psychology lovers because it's a delicate and complicated science and needs to be dealt with carefully. Everyone is somehow involved with psychology because he/she meets a lot of people and each one of them has different personality from the other one. So knowing some psychological facts can improve your skills of communication. For the psychology students, it's more complicated. These Android apps for psychology can help them too. In this article, we will have psychology dictionary for Android, psychology learning and testing psychology apps, psychology journal and an app for knowing your personality traits.


Get Ready for Psychology Test

A great way to learn something is learning it through questions. Getting ready for the exams is some kind of learning but it demands its own techniques. AP Psychology Practice & Prep is the app that has provided you with questions for exams and their explanations and you can learn with them. It has flashcards and concepts for learning too. So you can learn and test knowledge of psychology on Android at the same time.


Psychology Dictionary for Android

Like all of the other sciences, psychology has its own special words and phrases and for knowing them, we need a dictionary. Psychology Dictionary is a complete dictionary containing psychological words with their meanings and description. You can bookmark the words you want, so you can find them faster later. You can also add new words to this dictionary.


Test kn owledge of Psychology on Android

After learning psychological facts and lessons, it's time to test it to know how much you have learnt. Psychology Quiz is another android psychology app that has a lot of questions prepared for you. It has 4 categories: general psychology, personality psychology, research methodology and history of psychology. So, this app avails you to know how much you know about psychology and learn the things you don't know.


Read Psychology Articles and Know its Latest Information

Every science is making some progress day by day and psychology is a branch of these sciences, so you need to keep up with it. The Psychologist is a psychology magazine that gathers and presents what's new about psychology. Reading its articles will be a great help.


Personality Traits Test

Personality Traits Test, the last app among these Android apps for psychology, is a great way to know some psychological features about yourself. By knowing them, you can use them better and improve them and so, you can achieve more success.


After all, these were the best Android apps for Psychology. You can use them to learn and you’re your knowledge of psychology. Then, there is psychology dictionary and a magazine and an app know your personality traits.

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