In this article, we introduce the best Android apps for teachers. The future of a country is in the hands of students and if they get proper education and who is responsible of education? Teachers! So, the teachers play a vital role in society. Now that we are living in a modern world, technology can help teachers too and we are going to introduce the best Android apps for them. We will introduce virtual classroom on Android which is a great way of communication between teacher and students. We will also talk about teacher tools on Android; tools for making notes to students, randomly picking students, timetable and so many more.


Google's Virtual Classroom on Android

The communication between teacher and students is an important issue and if the teachers be in touch with the students, the process of education will be much better. Google Classroom is an app that makes this communication possible. Not only it enhances the communication and establishes virtual class discussions but also it helps the teachers organize the class better. They can assign homework on assignment page and students will be able to send their assignments using this app.


Edmodo Virtual Classroom on Android

Edmodo is another useful virtual classroom that makes communication beyond classroom possible. Teachers can review the lessons or give extra information by creating a group for their class. They can also use it to assign homework, post polls and more. They can also track the performance of the students with a built-in grade book.


Teacher Tools on Android

Here is an awesome app that will be a great help for teachers. You can use Teacher Tools to make a profile for each of your students and keep their picture and information, so you can learn their name easily. This app can also pick a student randomly and help you make notes about student.


Classroom Monitor Teacher App

There are a lot of teacher tools on Android but Classroom Monitor is a brilliant tool. You can use this app to keep records and assessments of students on your Android device and you can also take photos and keep them as evidence. So, it can be a great help for deciding about the grades.



Timetable, our last recommendation, helps you keep your class schedule well organized and you can easily save your lessons, tasks and holiday. Do you often forget to turn down your phones volume while teaching? This app will do it for you automatically. You can also sync your timetable with other Android apps.


So, these were the best Android apps for teachers. These apps can build a virtual communication between the teacher and the students, help teacher remember students' names, randomly call their names and keep their records and organize their teaching schedule.

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