English is the international language and it’s essential know it. TOEFL is a way of testing your knowledge of English and Android apps for TOEFL preparation will be introduced in article to help you get a good score on the test. Studying in many of the world’s greatest universities requires TOEFL certificate and it’s really important to get a good score in it; so, you should use all the ways to improve it, including these Android educational apps. Now, if you’re determined to prepare for TOEFL on Android, please stay with us.


TOEFL Preparation

If you want to get a good score, you should make sure to prepare for TOEFL on Android via TOEFL Preparation. It will help you learn different levels of English in order to prepare for the test and your skills such as reading and listening will improve. After mastering the different aspects of the English language, you will be able to test your knowledge about them.


EduSynch TOEFL® Prep

EduSynch TOEFL® Prep is one of the best Android educational apps that will allow you to have access to thousands of Questions that are meant to prepare you for TOEFL. It simulates TOEFL iBT with a similar design to it and questions and timing is meant to make familiar with the test. The questions cover the different aspects of the exam and you’ll be completely ready.


Magoosh TOEFL Prep

Magoosh TOEFL Prep is another brilliant way to prepare for TOEFL on Android and it has provided almost everything for you. You can study many subjects in the app and know the resources, practice by answering the questions, and learn more by watching its video lessons.


Exam English: TOEFL® Grammar

When you don’t know the grammar of a language, it’s impossible for you to use it. So, it’s essential to know the grammar and TOEFL is a bit strict about it, but you don’t need to worry. Exam English: TOEFL® Grammar will help you get completely ready for the grammar appropriate for TOEFL with its various questions.


Video Prep for the TOEFL® Test

Video Prep for the TOEFL® Test, our last recommendation, is one of the best Android educational apps that will improve your skills in English. You can watch several videos in it and they will all teach you about listening, speaking, reading, and writing and finally, you’ll be qualified for TOEFL.


So, these are the best Android apps for TOEFL preparation. They will help you improve your skills in English language and you’ll be ready to get a good score in TOEFL.

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