WWE is one of the most famous sports in the world and lots of people attend to watch the matches. Today, we will introduce Android apps for WWE lovers and if you're one of them, you'll find them very entertaining. The people of modern world always look for excitement and what's more exciting than exciting entrances, a ring covered with sweat of fighters and thousands of people screaming and shouting. Now, the apps and games we're about to introduce about this exciting sport can be categorized into News apps, Android fighting games, social networks and card games for Android.


WWE: The Official App

WWE is an awesome app for the huge fans of world of wrestling. They can get anything about WWE's events and know what's up. They can get news, videos and pictures and find out about upcoming events. They can even watch the matches live in the app. You can also follow the news and get the information of your favorite superstars and divas and you can also buy their outfit in WWE's shop.


Sportfusion – WWE News Edition

Well, in the world of WWE, lots of surprising events happen and if you want to catch up with them, you can use Sportfusion – WWE News Edition and get the latest news about WWE. The advantage of this app is that it never takes side of one special superstar and it tells you the truth, so you can trust them with the news.


WWE Immortals

If you are a WWE fan and haven't tried WWE Immortals, you've been missing one of the best Android fighting games. Pick your superstar and fight with the other superstars of WWE. The point is that these superstars look a little bit different and they've got super powers and the fights don't take place in a ring but you fight in world's most creepy places. The gameplay and graphics are awesome, so we recommend you to play it on a powerful phone with Android 4.0 and up.


Wrestling Amino

WWE fans have always been rough and vigorous about their favorite sports and always look forward to express their emotions. The good news is that we have social network for them and they can express their feelings and points of view with other WWE fans. Wrestling Amino is the app I'm talking about and you can also ask your questions and answer others' in this app.


WWE SuperCard

Well, if you're a fan of card games for Android, WWE Supercard is an awesome one. Collect the cards of strong superstars and divas and train and combine the best formation to defeat your rivals. Your five-man team will battle against other online players and you've got to use your skills to defeat them. Play it on Android 2.3 and up.


So, these are the best Android apps for WWE lovers. We introduced News apps, Android fighting games, social networks and card games for Android and we hope you will enjoy using them.

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