Most of us spend a lot of time on internet every day and a part of it is spent on waiting for pages to be loaded. Android apps to boost internet speed can reduce the exasperating time that is wasted. Actually the speed of internet is determined by your internet service provider but there are a lot of factors that affect your speed. So, these apps will increase internet speed on Android using these factors. If you keep on reading you will find the best Android apps to boost internet speed including an app for rooted devices and another one to boost 4G internet on Android.


Free Internet Speed Booster

If you are experiencing a slow internet speed, waste no more time and get Free Internet Speed Booster. This app can increase your internet speed 40-80% based on your device. It cleans the cache and stops unwanted background tasks and adjusts average parallel connections and you will see how much your internet has improved.


4G Speed Booster: Boost 4G Internet on Android

If you want to boost 4G Internet on Android, 4G Speed Booster is designed for this purpose. It works with all operators and saves data. After using this app, there will be no lags and your speed will increase. It will also save your battery and clean cache. With all these great stuff, you can enjoy the speed of your 4G network.



Neumob is another cool app to increase internet speed on Android. This app works with Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G connections. This app accelerates your speed for browsers and online apps by cutting edge WAN acceleration technology. Not only can you experience faster and smoother online games and apps but you can also save and manage your data usage with this app. No root is required for this app.


Internet Speed Up: Root Required

Internet Speed Up is an app for the rooted devices and will improve your internet speed, so you can save time and experience a smooth and enjoyable internet. It will reset and refresh all your connections and it will clear the cache. It works with all of Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G connections.



Our final recommendation, ISM, is a perfect app for boosting and managing your internet. It will remove junk and cache, fix Wi-Fi signal drops and refresh cellular signals but it's not the only usage of this. You can use this app to optimize and clean, save power, protect your phone from malware and know the state of your device.


All in all, these internet speed booster apps will help you experience a better, smoother and faster internet. They will also clean the cache and stop unnecessary tasks and save power and data … You'll find them very useful.

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