English is a worldwide language and nowadays, knowing English is something necessary. Today, we have prepared the best Android English learning apps for kids because we believe that the learning process should start from childhood. Learning is much easier in childhood because the brain is ready to gain information and knowing stuff even if they are not clear will help them learn them easier when they grow up. After all, the apps we introduce today, will be about Alphabet and English words on Android and they'll help you learn numbers on android too. Actually, it isn't all and they'll help you improve a lot of English skills.


English for Kids by PVDApps

English for kids is a great app that will help kids learn alphabet, numbers and English words on Android. The words are sorted into different categories and the characters and the whole app are properly designed for kids and they'll love the colorful world of English learning. The game contains educational games, test and videos and your kids will be able to fully understand them.


Fun English Language Learning

If you want to learn to read, speak and spell in English, Fun English Language Learning is highly recommended. Everything in this app is taught in a fun way and your kids won't get bored of learning English. It's full of amazing games in a colorful world and each of them, teach various points in English.


Toddler World Learn English

Take an app that c an teach alphabet, colors, words, opposites and you can also use it to learn numbers on Android. Well, such an app exists and its name is Toddler World Learn English and it's properly designed for little children. The words taught in this app are from different categories and so, kids can learn a lot of things in no time.


English Learning for Kids Full

Playing is what children like and learning through playing is the most effective way of learning for children and it's what English Learning for Kids Full does. It teaches alphabet and words through puzzles, coloring and other various mini games and the kids will be playing it eagerly.


English for Kids by mobile_app_dev

English for Kids is a great app for learning English words on Android. It's got a vocabulary part and a quiz part and so, you'll be able to know how much your kids have learnt about them. You can use it to teach them alphabet and different words with it and they'll be able to learn numbers on Android. It has also got a playground in which kids can learn through playing.


So, these are the best Android English learning apps for Android. They contain methods for learning alphabet, numbers, words and other English skills.

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