Mathematics is an important science and it's even necessary for everyone to know the basics. Today, we've prepared Android math learning games for kids because we believe that people should start learning in childhood. The brain of a kid is ready to take on a lot of information. So, even if they don't get a bright picture of what they're learning, it will be very effective on their education when they grow up. With games, your kids will learn numbers on Android and will be able to do some calculations. The learning process will happen through some arcade games for Android, so your kids will love learning math.


Learning Numbers for Kids

If you want to learn math, you've got to learn numbers on Android first. Learning Numbers for Kids is one of the best arcade games for Android that can teach numbers. There are 15 different mini-games with colorful places and cute characters and the kids will have to use math and numbers to complete them. So your kids will have fun and learn numbers at the same time.


Kids Games Learning Math Basic

Kids Games Learning Math Basic is another great way to learn mathematics. In this game, you can learn numbers on Android which is the first step, you can learn addition, subtraction, fraction and splitting. Learning them will be amazing in these colorful games and it will teach in a way that the kids will fully understand it.


Kindergarten Math Lite

Another game with a brilliant teaching met hod is Kindergarten Math Lite. It can teach numbers and how to recognize them, you'll sequence numbers and learn them in concepts, add, subtract and recognize ones and tens. So, it's a pretty complete game for learning math and it is fun to play it too.


Zap Zap Math

Your kids will enjoy playing Zap Zap Math that you'll have to stop them. The cute characters in the space will help you learn math and you'll have to solve the math problems to complete each level. Kids can learn Addition, Subtraction, Fractions, Ratio, Multiplication, Geometry, Coordinates, Measurements, Angles and Time by playing the jovial levels of this game.


Preschool Math Games for Kids

Preschool Math Games for Kids, our last recommendation, is a math learning game and it is proper for kids from 2 to 8 years old. In this game, your kids will learn to read and write numbers, count them, do calculations and learn about patterns. Then, they can improve their skills by doing the exercises in the app.


So these are the best Android math learning apps for kids. If you want to learn mathematics through these arcade games for Android, you should know that you can use them to learn numbers and do some simple calculations.

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