If you remember how sweet it was to hear bedtime stories from your mother, you'd love your children to hear them too. Android story apps for kids can be good storytellers for your kids. These stories can be very relaxing for your kids and they can also improve their imagination and creativity. Now, if you want to hear some bedtime stories on Android, we have prepared the best ones for you and they have various stories to tell. Some of these apps can also help them learn reading on Android. Stay with us!


Best Kids Stories: Bedtime +

Classic famous stories can be enjoyable anytime. If you want to hear stories like Hansel and Gretel, classic fairy tales, princess stories and more you can try Best Kids Stories: Bedtime +. It contains simple and easy storylines with adorable characters. They are not just some stories, they can move too. Once you've downloaded each story, you won't need any internet connections to play it.


Kids Story Books – Kids Games

Kids Story Books is not only a great way to read stories but it is also a great way to learn reading on Android. The app contains great stories to tell you but it's not just about telling. Sometimes you should play with it and sometimes you should sing along with it. Little by little, the app will help you read the stories yourself.


Speakaboos: Stories for Kids

Well, it is obvious that readin g books is necessary for everyone to improve themselves. Speakaboos will motivate your children to read. It has got more than 200 stories and songs. It's proper for children between 2 and 6 and it can improve kids' vocabulary and comprehension. You can find famous classic stories like Rapunzel and The Three Little Pigs in it.



Amelia and Terror of The Night is a great story of a girl who is looking for her friends. You should help her to find them. The graphics of this game is so amazing nad you'll love Amelia and the animals which she meets on her way. You can solve some puzzles on your journey until you find out where the story leads you.


Bedtime Kids Stories & Rhyme

Well, our last recommendation for today will tell you a lot of bedtime stories on Android. Telling the same story over and over again may bore the kids but you can use Bedtime Kids Stories & Rhymes to tell various stories to your kids. You can download each story and listen to them or play with them.


All in all, these are the best Android story apps for kids. You can use these bedtime stories on Android to amaze your children and some of them can also help them learn reading on Android too.

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