21st century is the age of data and information and it is very easy to have access to any kind of knowledge you’re looking for. The best Android wiki apps will be introduced today and we’ll show you how simple it is to find out about different concepts in a few moments. These reference apps for Android work like the wiki sites; you search for something, they show the information. You can count on these Android educational apps for learning different topics and doing researches because they are connected to authentic sources.



Almost everyone knows about Wikipedia, the most popular wiki site in the world, and we’re here to introduce you its Android app. Wikipedia is one of the most perfect reference apps for Android and you can find almost everything in it. It’s a great source of information that supports nearly 300 languages and gets updated frequently.


Kiwix, Wikipedia Offline

Kiwix, Wikipedia Offline is one of the best reference apps for Android that has an advantage over the others. It works offline and in case you’re not connected to any network, you can count on it for obtaining the information. If there any updates, you’ll get them when you’re online.


wikiHow: how to do anything

If you’re looking for brilliant Android educational app s that teach you how to do different things, you’ve got to give wikiHow: how to do anything for sure. You can learn everything from singing to making a device. It teaches you with easy steps and each step comes with a picture of what you should do. With this simple method, learning gets peculiarly easy.


Voice Wiki

Just say what you are looking for to your phone and it will find it for you. This amazing feature exists in Voice Wiki and you can rely on its information for various types of data. It’s a complete source and offers you trustable data and whenever you like an article and want to read it later again, you can save it and read it later without the need of being online.


The Wiki Game

We learn anything better and easier when it is somehow mingled with playing. The Wiki Game is one of the great Android educational apps that helps you access different kinds of information and you can read and learn about them while playing.


After all, these are the best Android wiki apps. They are sources of information and you can easily find the data you’re looking for with a simple search.

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