If you've bought a new Android-enabled car and you are a new user of Android Auto or you want to use new apps, these apps for Android Auto will impress you. In fact, there are few apps for car Android system and they're limited into Android Auto messaging apps and Audio apps and we've tried our best, to choose the best apps among these limited choices. If you are interested, keep on reading to the end.


Android Auto Audio Apps

Well, most of us want to listen to music or radio while driving and luckily we have a lot of music services for Android Auto. Let's take a look at these three awesome audio apps for car Android system.


Google Play Music

Well, Google Play Music is an app that is already installed on every Android device and it's one of the most popular apps for playing music. You can use this app for Android Auto and find new music or enjoy listening to the music of your storage in your car.



Spotify is another great music service with millions of users all over the world. With Spotify, you will have access to a whole lot of songs and you can search and find your favorite music, save playlists and create new radio stations. A great way to listen to music in your car!


TuneIn Radio

Driving with the radio on is something that a lot of drivers like to do and TuneIn Radio is our recommendation for Android Auto. You can enjoy listening to your favorite stations, like stations for sports, music, news and many more while driving.


Android Auto Messaging Apps

Driving safe is one of the most important factors of Android Auto and these Android Auto messaging apps are designed for cars. They will read your messages for you and you can reply to them without even touching the screen. Here are two brilliant apps for you.



WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps that is used by millions of people. In Android Auto, you can have this app read your messages for you and if you want to keep in the conversation, you can use voice commands and reply to the messages.



Our last recommendation is Telegram and it's a great way to keep in touch with your friends and relatives. It's even easier in Android Auto and it will read your messages for you and you can easily reply with voice commands.


After all, these were the best apps for Android Auto. As I told you before, the apps are very limited but the number of apps for car Android system is growing day by day. So, if you are not satisfied with only messaging and audio apps, you can expect new apps to be compatible with Android Auto very soon.

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