Doing your bank affairs can be time consuming and since there are easier ways, it will be even worse if you go to bank to do them. Banking apps for Android are one of these ways to easily manage bank accounts on Android without the need of being present at bank and we’ll introduce 5 of the best ones for you. With these Android finance apps, you won’t have to endure being stuck in traffic jam and waiting for your turn in bank; everything will be done at home with your device.


Bank of America Mobile Banking

Bank of America Mobile Banking is one of the best Android finance apps which provides a brilliant service for American citizens. You can easily manage your accounts, review your activities and balance, view mortgages and many more with this app. The UI is designed brilliantly and it is very easy to use and beautiful to look at.


Simple - Better Banking

As the name suggests, Simple - Better Banking is a simple way to manage bank accounts on Android. It is great a service for the ones who don’t want to waste their time standing in lines, waiting for their turn. You can lie on your couch and do your financial business through this well designed app and you can even make get most of them done automatically.


Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking

Another easy way to manage ba nk accounts on Android is Lloyd Bank Mobile Banking. It has created a safe and secure space for you to do all your bank business and you can also rely on its great speed. If you want to multiple its security, you can set a pin code for it within the app, so nobody but you will be able to use the app.


BBVA Compass Banking

Some of the extraordinary features that are hard to find can be found in BBVA Compass Banking. It is one of the best Android finance apps and you can conveniently have access to your bank accounts, make transfers and payments, check your activities, etc.


Access Bank plc

Have access to your bank accounts with Access Bank plc. Our last recommendation is a secure and private app that allows you to put your financial affairs in order with no difficulties. It is also user friendly and you can easily learn how to use it and supports the essential actions done in banks.


All in all, these are the best banking apps for Android. They help you do your bank business from your home at ease, sparing you time and relaxation.

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