If you're an old school gamer, you should be familiar with bomber man games. These games are casual but enjoyable. The best bomb games for Android will be introduced in this article, in case you want to refresh your memories. Actually, we'll have different types of bomb games too. We'll have bombing drone games for Android, tank games and Android arcade games. So, if you're dying for some explosion, don't go anywhere and read this article to the end.


Bomber Heroes

First of all, let's start with origins. Bomber Heroes is one of those Android arcade games that looks a lot like the old bomber games. Get out of your enemies' way and plant a bomb at the right time, so you can blow them up. However it's an arcade game, it sports a great 2D graphic and you won't get tired of playing. You can also customize your character. The game requires Android 4.0.3 and up and a normal phone will do.


Bomber Friends

Now it's time to play it together. Bomber Friends is a bombing game like the old school ones but it's different in one way. It's multiplayer and it's much more fun to play it with your friends. The rules are pretty obvious, bomb your friends and don't let them bomb you and you'll win. You can collect power ups and make your bombs much stronger and it'll be a great help. The game requires Android 2.3.3 and up and it can work on a normal phone.


Bomber vs. Zombies

Well, it's another old school game with one difference. They have added some spice of excitement to it with zombies. Save the world from zombies and bomb them away and try not get killed. You only have 5 lives; so, be brave and take care of them. Bomber vs. Zombies is one of those Android arcade games that has a brilliant 2D graphic and you'll need a phone with Android 4.0 and up and a normal processor.


Bomber Tank

Let's add some variety to these games and find out about other ideas for bomb games. Bomber Tank is a bombing and shooting game. It's a mixture of old school bombing games and new ideas. In this game, you'll be a tank that avoids being exploded and tries to blow the other tanks up. The game needs Android 2.3 and up and a pretty good phone is needed because of the beautiful 3D graphics.


Drone Shadow Strike

This one is way different than the others but it's a bombing game anyway. If you're looking for drone games for Android, you'll love Drone Shadow Strike. You'll control these military drones and bomb the enemies from above. Be careful not to get hit by them and aim correctly. The game requires Android 2.3.3 and up and a good phone is required.


So, this is it: The best bomb games for Android. Between these bombing games, you can find old school and arcade games, zombie games, tank games and drone games for Android.

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