Comic books are a part of fiction and they have a lot of fans all around the world. Today, we're going to introduce the best comic reader apps for Android and so, the huge fans of comics can view comic files on Android and read the fascinating stories anywhere they want. It's much easier than carrying the books and moreover, you can have access to millions of comic books on your Android device and choose whichever you like. So, if you choose this way to read comics, here are the best Android apps for viewing comic files.


Perfect Viewer

If you're looking for one of the fastest Android apps for viewing comic files, Perfect Viewer is the app that will greatly help you. Not only it can view comic files on Android but it can also open images, EBooks, and PDF files. It has different options for showing the pages, like dual page or single page, and auto switching by screen orientation. You can also customize it easily and change the brightness, contrast and gamma the way you want.


Astonishing Comic Reader

Astonishing Comic Reader is one of the stylish Android apps for viewing comic files and you'll love the user interface for sure. It's elegant and simple and you can browse and read various comic books in it. You can customize and organize your books and keep them tidy or you can simply read the files on your storage with it.


Comic Screen – Comic Viewer

Comic Screen – Comic Viewer is another cool way to view comic files on Android. Just choose the file you want and it will quickly open it for you. It supports ZIP, RAR, CBZ, CBR, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP files and when you open them, you have great options to view your files and you won't experience any difficulties with them.


Comics Reader: CBR, CBZ, PDF

As the name suggests, Comic Reader: CBR, CBZ, PDF is a great app for reading comic books and it supports the mentioned formats. It has different options like searching through texts, landscape mode, dual page mode, and other brilliant features.


Visionbooks Comic Reader

Visionbooks Comic Reader, our last but not the least recommendation, can easily open your comic files and it can bring you traditional comic content with enhanced animations and so, you can enjoy reading them more. It has various options and features and reading the comics will be so pleasant for you.

All in all, these are the best comic reader apps for Android. They are designed to view your comic files and you can easily read your comic books anywhere you want with them.

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