The stories of the tough men riding their strong horses towards sunset have always been famous. Today, we'll introduce the best cowboy games for Android for the fans of Wild West. These cowboys lead a hard life, wearing a cowboy hat with their guns on their side and roaming the wild deserts. The duels between cowboys are very popular and they are very skilled at shooting. If you're interested in these people, you can try the games below. We can sort them into Android strategy games, arcade games, action games and casino games for Android.


West Rider

If you are ready for a thrilling western story, you can try West Rider. 4 famous cowboys, Wesley, Ryder, Ashley and Bronco are in town to fight the villains. You can pick each one of them and try your shooting skills with them. The journey will be a hard one, so brace yourselves for a challenging western game. You can play it on any phone with Android 2.3 and up.


Compass Point: West

Compass Point: West is one of the best Android strategy games and you will love its western theme. The old town is full of cowboys and you can join your friends to battle against the enemies. You can collect gems and gold to improve your gunslingers. The gameplay and graphics are pretty awesome and you can try it on a powerful phone with Android 4.2 and up.


Slot Machine: Wild West

If you like cas ino games for Android, Slot Machine: Wild West is a brilliant one with a western theme. It's a 5-reel, 40 pay lines slots machine. Take your chances and spin the machine to find out how lucky you are. Then deal with the mini-games. It will run on any phone with Android 2.3 and up.


Wild West City Shootout

In Wild West City Shootout, you'll be the sheriff of the town and you should stops criminals. So, take a steady aim on them and shoot them but if you shoot citizens, it will decrease your score. You can also shoot the gold bags to gain more scores. It requires Android 2.3 and up.


Lost Frontier

Lost Frontier is a brilliant 2D strategy game in which you should defend your base by planting defending forces in the way of enemies. You can use cannons, soldiers, carriages, etc to stop the enemy soldiers. The western theme of the game doubles its beauty and makes it even more interesting. Try it on Android 4.1 and up.


So, this is it: the best cowboy games for Android. If you want to play them, you should know that the ones we introduced are Android strategy games, arcade games, action games and casino games for Android.

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