eBooks or electronic books have become very popular in the past decade and they are used by a lot of people these days. In fact, it's a good way of saving the trees. Nearly 4 billion trees are cut each year for paper and if we go on like this there won't be any trees left. So, why don't we use eBooks? eBook reader devices were made for reading eBooks but if you are an Android user you can read eBooks on Android. For reading these books, you need to buy them first and you can buy eBooks on Android and here are the best apps for this purpose.


Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is one of the best ways to buy and read eBooks on Android. It has more than 28 million users all around the world and supports the formats of eBooks. It supports eBooks from public libraries and works on both Android phones and tablets. You can customize your eBooks in the way you like. You can adjust font size and type and change font and background color, margin and alignment in this app.


Moon+ Reader

If you want an app that avails you to fully customize your eBooks, search no more. Moon+ Reader is what you are looking for. You can change the font and colors and change them to bold and italic and change everything that's on your mind. It supports all of the formats and public libraries so you can access too thousands of free eBooks with this app.


Amazon Kindle

There are a lot of eBook reader Android apps but Amazon Kindle is different. Kindles are the eBook reader devices developed by Amazon and Amazon has its own special eBooks for them. You can access and read millions of eBooks in kindle store, a place to buy eBooks on Android. It doesn't matter if you are a book reader, magazine reader or newspaper reader and what genre you like; you will find what you are looking for in this app.


Yomu EBook Reader

If you are one of those strict readers that hates to be distracted while reading, Yomu EBook Reader is our suggestion for you. This app has no unnecessary preferences and is especially designed for reading. Actually, you can customize some stuff, like font, but there are no other distractions and you can easily read eBooks on Android with no distractions.


Helicon Books EPUB3 reader

Our last recommendation, Helicon Books EPUB3 reader, is an app for eBooks with EPUB3 and EPUB2 formats only. EPUB3 is the newest and enhanced version of EPUB format and this app can read the format in the best way possible. It can also connect to eBook stores and you can buy eBooks on Android using this app.

After all, these were the best eBook reader Android apps with which you could buy and read eBooks with different formats. You could customize the books in the way that you want. Wish you enjoy reading your books on Android!

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