Faxes are the machines that are mostly used for sending and receiving documents but after all these years, there must be an easier way. Fax apps for Android are the tools that will help you send and receive faxes without the need for a fax machine. These Android business apps have solved the problem of using the big fax machines that used paper; you can just use your phone to send and receive documents. You will use a fax number like before and will fax anything you need through these communication apps for Android and your business will be done easily.


FAX.PLUS - Free Secure Online Fax App

Let’s start with a convenient app that will help you get rid of your fax machine with no worries. FAX.PLUS - Free Secure Fax App is one of the best Android business apps that helps you send and receive documents and works in more than 150 countries after getting your fax number within the app. You can also use some extra features of the app that come in very handy in several occasions. You can scan your documents with a great quality and easily sign them by doodling. For more information, go to the FAX.PLUS website.


Easy Fax - Send Fax from Phone

Easy Fax - Send Fax from Phone is one of the best communication apps for Android that lets you fax your documents, photos and receipts to anyone. It has different features like a built-in scanner. You can send images and documents from gallery and cloud documents, and preview them before sending. Then, you can track their state to see if they are sent or not.


FaxReceive - receive fax phone

Well, if you are a kind of person who don’t send faxes much and wants a simple app for receiving documents, FaxReceive - receive fax phone is a good choice. It is very simple and easy to use. First, you need a fax number that you can get from the app. There are permanent and temporary numbers that you can use. Then, you don’t have to do anything special. You’ll just have to check if you have received faxes.


Simple Fax - Send Fax from Phone

Simple Fax - Send Fax from Phone is one of the best Android business apps that is a convenient substitute for your fax machine. It is user friendly and you can easily select the document you want and enter the fax number to send them. You can choose different kind of files from your storage, mail and other apps and send them.


MobiFax - Quickly Send Fax

MobiFax - Quickly Send Fax, our last recommendation, is one of the simple communication apps for Android that needs no registrations or logins. Just enter the fax number and do your business; it’s as simple as this. Choose your documents and send them to other fax numbers and check if they are delivered.


So, these are the best fax apps for Android. They do the same thing as the fax machines do; you can send and receive faxes with them without the need of a bulky machine.

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