Fishing is a very relaxing activity and people go to riverside to enjoy their time by catching fishes. We'll introduce the best fishing games for Android today for the ones who love this activity and even though they are virtual, they can tell you of its joy. Although it's very pleasing, you need to have some skills to catch fishes. You've got to be patient and stay focused and you'll succeed. The games we'll introduce can be divided into Android arcade games, sports games and simulation games for Android.


Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Are you new to fishing? Do you think it's hard and want to learn it? Well, Ace Fishing: Wild Catch will prepare you for it. It has some easy tutorials that will teach you how to fish and after a while you'll become a fishing master and go on fantastic journeys on the sea to catch various fishes. You can play this fantastic game with realistic graphics on a powerful phone with Android 2.3.3 and up.


Let's Fish: Sport Fishing Game

If you are looking for a calmer experience, you can try Let's Fish: Sport Fishing Game. Various beautiful lakes and rivers are the environments you'll sail on and find the proper place for fishing. Stay focused and use your skills to catch as much fishes as you can and get rewarded. It will run on powerful phones with Android 4.0.3 and up.


Fishing Superstars: Season 5

Fishing Superstars: Season 5 is a fantastic fishing game with pleasing 2D graphics and you should use all your skills to be the champion. You are a competitor in a fishing competition and you must make your guild proud by winning it. Different kinds of fishes are waiting to be caught and the more valuable they are, the more it gets hard to catch them. Play it on Android 2.3 and up.


Fishing Age – Fishing Game

Fishing Age – Fishing Game is one of the cool Android arcade games and it's a bit different from other fishing games. You'll control a cannon under the sea and shoot nets to catch the fishes and earn gold. Different tools like time freeze will help you get more money and win the game. A normal phone with Android 2.3 and up will do.


Carp Fishing Simulator

If you want to get a realistic experience of something, you should try simulation games for Android and you can try Carp Fishing Simulator to know how amazing fishing is. Go to the riverside and get ready to sail on the water and catch fishes and you'll see how relaxing it is. Try it on a good phone with Android 4.4 and up.


All in all, these are the best fishing games for Android. They can be categorized into Android arcade games, sports games and simulation games for Android.

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