Planes have been the fastest and easiest way of transportation for decades and lots of people love to be pilots. The best flight simulator games for Android will be introduced today, in case you're one of those people who love flying. Flying has always been the dream of humankind and planes have satisfied this wish to some degrees but everyone cannot be a pilot. So, let's try it virtually. In this article, you can find flight simulator games categorized into World War 2 games for Android, airliner games and helicopter Android games.


Flight Pilot Simulator

Flight Pilot Simulator is an awesome flight simulator games with a fascinating realistic graphic. Try different types of planes and fly over various environments and try not to crash. After playing this game for a while, you'll be a skillful virtual pilot. There will be missions, like rescue missions, in this game and you'll like it. The game requires Android 2.3 and up and a powerful phone is needed to play it smoothly.



X-Plane is another flight simulator with various types of planes, including airliners and military planes and you can play missions like combat missions, emergency mission, tutorial and many more. It's got another special feature. You can play it multiplayer and feel the excitement. Do you think you're quick enough to dodge the missiles of your friends and destroy them, then prove it. It requires Android 4.1 and up and you'll need a powerful phone to play it.


WW2: Wings of Duty

The era of World War 2 has its own fans and if you're one of them, then you've got to play WW2: Wings of Duty. It's one of the coolest flight simulator and World War 2 games for Android featuring single player and multiplayer battles and operations with realistic cockpits. The environments are also various and it contains different maps like, Midway, Pearl Harbor, New Guinea and more. A good phone with Android 4.0.3 and up is required.


Helicopter Flight Simulator

Well, if you're interested in helicopters and looking for helicopter Android games, you've got to try Helicopter Flight Simulator. In this game, you'll take control of a helicopter and go on secret missions in an island. You'll be able to pick objects from the ground and take them somewhere else which will help you through a lot of missions. It requires Android 2.3.3 and up and normal phone will do.


Airplane Flight Simulator 2017

If you want to fly high with different planes, you can try out Airplane Flight Simulator 2017. It's an amazing flight simulator and you can play various missions and unlock new planes which will be bigger, better and faster than the previous ones. Aside from missions, you can also fly freely for the hell of it. You'll need a pretty good phone with Android 2.3.3 and up to play this game.


All in all, these were the best flight simulator games for Android. We introduced flight simulator games of World War 2 games for Android, airliner and military plane games and helicopter Android games.

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