Google's newly released Android phone has taken great steps toward success because of its brilliant features. Yet, 5 best Google Pixel hidden features will be introduced to you to help you get more from it, and if you want another way to get more from Google's phone, you can read our article about best Google Pixel accessories. In this article, you'll learn to turn on Google Pixel's notification light, use screen search in Assistant, change display size, avoid and block spam calls, and enable night light in Google Pixel. Let's read the Google Pixel Tips and Tricks


Google Pixel's Notification Light

Well, LED notification light is used in some phones in order to inform you if you have any messages and notifications and sometimes it turns out to be very useful. You might not be aware that Google Pixel has notification light but it needs to be turned on. To enable Google Pixel's notification light, follow these steps:

  • Go to Setting
  • Find Notifications
  • Tap on gear icon
  • Enable Pulse Notification Light


Screen Search in Assistant

Sometimes you need more information about something you're looking on your screen. Google has provided you with a feature that makes it possible to get such information. Whenever you feel the need for the information, long press on home button to bring up Assistant, then go down and then choose screen search and it offers you some information and links about it.


Display Size

If you think you are not comfortable with the size of your icons and texts, you don't have to endure it. You can simply change the display size in Google Pixel by following these steps:

  • Head to Setting
  • Choose Display and find Display Size
  • When you drag the slider to the left it makes everything smaller and vice versa


Avoid and Block Spam Calls

Sometimes when you get an unknown call and find out that it's spam, it gets pretty annoying. Google Pixel tries to prevent this to some extents. It has got a Caller ID and Spam feature which shows the caller information as much as possible and when you see it's spam, you can simply block it. You can simply go to Dialer Setting and turn it on.


Enable Night Light in Google Pixel

Well, before sleeping it's better to use your phone with a dimmer light with less blue in it. It's good for your eyes and sleep and there is a Night Light in Google Pixel that helps you with this. Follow these steps to turn it on:

  • Go to Setting
  • Choose Display
  • Turn on Night Light


So, these are the best Google Pixel Hidden features. All of these features will help you get a better use from your Google Pixel and I hope you find them useful.

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