Halloween is one of the cool days of the year, when you get a chance to come out of your routine life! These Halloween apps for Android will help you have a perfect Halloween and get as scary as possible. You know that people wear scary customs for Halloween and act like the scary characters in Halloween but wouldn't it be great if you just turned your Android device into a Halloween device? Well, if you want to do it, we have prepared Android Launcher apps, ringtone apps, live wallpapers, app lockers and simulation games for Android.


Halloween Theme GO Launcher EX

The best way to change your phone's appearance is installing a launcher. Now, let's decorate your phone with Halloween Theme GO Launcher EX. It's a great theme for Go Launcher, one of the best Android launcher apps, which is full of pumpkins and bats with vibrant colors and a beautiful design and exclusive pumpkin icons. You must install Go Launcher first and then the theme can run on your device.


Halloween Live Wallpaper Free

What is the first thing you see on unlocking your device? Your home screen. Now, if you want to prepare it for Halloween you'd better find the best wallpapers for it. Halloween Live Wallpaper Free is a great app for Halloween with the most famous symbol of Halloween: PUMPKINS! The design and coloring is eye-catching and you'll love the breathing and smiling pumpkins on your phone.


AppLock Th eme Halloween

App lockers are useful security apps for locking your apps and so, you can keep the nosy people away.  AppLock Theme Halloween is an app locker for Halloween lovers and you'll love the background of this locker. For pattern locks, there are Halloween pumpkins instead of spots and they start spreading light from their mouth and eyes.


Scary Ringtones

Imagine you're in a Halloween party and suddenly, a creepy sound starts giving people goosebumps but it turns up to be your phone ringing; it would be awesome, wouldn't it? Well, you can get lots of scary ringtones on your Android device by installing Scary Ringtones. There are various ringtones prepared for you and they'll rock the Halloween party.


Halloween City

If you're looking for one of the best Halloween simulation games for Android, you should try Halloween City. It's a city full of scary creatures like zombies, skeletons, ghouls, etc. In this city, you can make monsters, raise them, fight against opponents and grow more monsters. So, if you want to play games on Halloween, remember to play this game on Android 2.3 and up.


All in all, these are the best Android apps for Halloween. In this article, we introduced Android Launcher apps, ringtone apps, live wallpapers, app lockers and simulation games for Android and we hope you enjoy them.

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