Is your health important to you? Do you want to control your health? Are you trying to keep the records of your activities for your health? Do you want to lose weight? Well, your Android device can be helpful and you can get healthy using Android. In this article, we will introduce 5 Android apps for health. These apps will help you measure your heart rate, blood pressure and your steps and you can also keep records of your activities and know about the calories of the food with these health monitoring Android apps. So, let's get started.

Measure Your Heart Rate

One of the Android apps for health is Instant Heart Rate. It is very simple to use. You just need to put your finger on the rear camera and it will inform you about your heart rate after a few seconds. It also shows a tape that shows how normal your heart rate is. You can also keep the record of your heart rate using this app.


Measure Your Blood Pressure

Another app among health monitoring Android apps is Finger Blood Pressure. In the first page, you should choose if you are male or female and there is another button to inform you about different levels of blood pressure, so you can know how normal your blood pressure is. Then, you just need to put your finger on the screen and it will measure your blood pressure.


Measure Your Steps

Noom Walk is another cool app among Android apps for health. You will know how much you walk using this app. It will measure your steps and you can keep the record of the day, week and all time. You can also add a note about your day and share it with your friends.


Control Your Diet Knowing the Calories of the Food

Another way to get healthy using Android is MyFitnessPal. First of all, you will give your information and tell how much you want to lose/gain weight and it will help you with your diet. You will give the information of daily meals to it and know about the calories. You can also know about the calories and other details of some products, using this app to scan their barcodes. You can add special food to its list and adjust its details. It will guide you to reach the weight you want.


Keep the Record of your Activities

Our last recommendation to get healthy using Android is S Health. It is a very complete and user friendly app. You can set goals to be more active, eat healthier and feel more rested. You can measure how much you walk with this app. You can keep the record of the amount of your sleep, weight, steps, blood glucose and blood pressure, usage of water, food and caffeine. You can also choose the path on the map and start walking, running, hiking …


All in all, these were the best apps for your health. You understood about the apps to measure your heart rate, blood pressure and steps and control your diet and keep the records of your activities in order to control your health. Hope you have found it useful.
Note that, these apps do their best to provide accurate data, and if you wear a health band (fit band, xiaomi band,...), the data will be more accurate.