Singing is an art that is admired by a lot of people and becoming a great singer is the dream of lots of people. We'll introduce the best Karaoke apps for Android today, for the ones who like to give it a try and find a way to the hall of fame. It's really simple to sing songs on Android with these apps. All you have to do is singing on the instrumental version of different songs they have prepared for you. Some of these apps can be considered as social networks on Android, because you can share your singing with them and lots of people can leave comments on them. Here are the best apps to sing songs on Android.


Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Find your favorite hits and sing them with all your heart and share them with millions of people on Sing! Karaoke by Smule. It's not only a brilliant singing app but also one of those active social networks on Android. Thousands of song covers are posted to this app daily and it's a great opportunity for getting fans.


Karaoke Sing & Record

Karaoke Sing & Record is another cool app for singing the song you like and sharing them with others, just like social networks on Android. You'll love the variety of songs that are offered to you, for you'll face millions of songs that can be covered. You can also add effects to your voice and have fun.


The Voice: On Stage – Sing!

If you have heard of a TV show called The Voice, you should know that it's a famous show for finding talented singers. Now, you can become a star in The Voice: On Stage – Sing! You'll be on a virtual stage, performing your best song and getting the crowds applause. You can become a star by sharing your covers and get fans in this brilliant karaoke app.


Mobile Karaoke – Sing & Record

Your favorite songs are waiting to be covered by you in Mobile Karaoke – Sing & Record; so, don't hesitate and sing songs on Android and have fun. Choose your song and sing along with the lyrics that are shown on the screen. You can record your songs and listen to them whenever you like.


MIDI Clef Karaoke Player

MIDI Clef Karaoke Player is a little bit different from the other karaoke apps. The song that is played on background is a MIDI file which means it is a digital version of the song. So, it might seem easier to recognize the chords and tune and sing along with it.


So, these are the best Karaoke apps for Android. You can have a great time singing your favorite songs and sharing them with others to get fans with these brilliant apps. You just need to give it a try!

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