Now that we have introduced some fighting games for you in previous articles, we can't put kung fu aside. Today, the best kung fu games for Android are prepared for you and you can enjoy them. Kung fu is one of the most famous martial arts and there's a long and difficult way to become a real kung fu fighter. Not only kung fu fighters fight skillfully but they also live with the spirit of a kung fu fighter. Now, if you're interested, you can play these Android action games, arcade games and fighting games for Android.


One Finger Death Punch

If you want to experience some eye-catching kung fu styles and battles, you should try One Finger Death Punch. You can fight with your bare hands or with additional weapons to win your battles. The characters of this game are stickmen but don't underestimate them because they can be a great kung fu master. You can play it on any phone with Android 3.0 and up.


Kung Fu Grandmaster

As I told you before, becoming a kung fu master is no easy job and takes years of practice to do it. Lots of kung fu masters have spent years and years practicing against a wooden dummy to get where they are now. In Kung Fu Grandmaster, you will be practicing different methods of kung fu against a wooden dummy and learn new techniques and get more scores. It will run on a normal phone with Android 2.3 and up.


Bruce Lee: Enter the Game

Well, the most famous name in kung fu is no other than Bruce Lee and a lot of his movies are very popular all around the world. Now, it's time to play his game and be the hero you always wanted to be. Bruce Lee: Enter the Game is one of those Android action games in which you play the role of a famous character and beat some enemies.


Kung Fu Pets

Well, in Kung Fu Pets you'll train your pets to become a kung fu master in a kung fu village which can be customized by you. You'll be able to choose one of the pets and fight against other users to achieve valuable trophies. Play it on a phone with Android 3.0 and up.


Kung Fu Fighting

Kung Fu Fighting is one of the fighting games for Android with a story. You'll play the role of a kung fu fighter named lee and you'll go to find your kidnapped sister and rescue her. On your way, you'll face lots of different enemies and you must use your skills and powers to defeat them. Android 2.3 and up is required for this game.


After all, these are the best Kung Fu games for android. We can categorize these brilliant games into Android action games, arcade games and fighting games for Android.

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