Going live on the internet is becoming very common and you can easily broadcast yourself on Android. We'll introduce the best live stream apps for Android in order to help you do it. You can use these apps for various purposes like letting people know how you feel, giving a speech, performing a live song, broadcasting a special event you're attending, or watching your favorite artist talk. If you're interested in these Android social apps, please stay with us.



If you are looking for one of the best Android social apps for broadcasting live videos, you should try Periscope for sure. On entering this app, you'll create an account and then, you can watch people going live on it or you can do it yourself. The broadcasted video is as smooth and high-quality as possible and it depends on your internet speed and camera quality.


You Now: Live Stream Video Chat

You Now: Live Stream Video Chat is a great way to broadcast yourself on Android or watch others' live videos. The app is very easy to use and you can easily browse for live videos, comment on them, watch the parts you have missed in the moments feed, or simply go live yourself. It's also a great way to discover artists and musicians or an awesome way to show your works of art to the world too.



Even though Instagram is not known just for going live but its live streaming feature is a great rival for the other similar Android social apps. It offers the best quality and the video goes so smooth and moreover, you can easily go live by just tapping on an icon. You can also watch your favorite celebrities and artists go live on Instagram and leave comments for them.


Live.me- Live Video Streaming

Live.me™- Live Video Streaming is another great way to broadcast yourself on Android and you can find a lot of interesting features in it. It has got a lovely user interface and using it is very simple. You can easily go live and use some filters and effects while doing it, or you can watch others and leave comments and send hearts to them.


Stream – Live Video Community

Stream – Live Video Community, the last but not the least in our list, offers everything a live stream app needs: smoothness, quality and simplicity. Aside from these, you can also record your live video to your phone and watch it later. You can also watch others' live videos, like and comment on them.


After all, these are the best live stream apps for Android. You can use them to go live on internet and impress your friends or watch the other live videos and enjoy this method of communicating.

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