Have you ever wondered about the fantastic world of magic; the world of spells, potions, wands and wizard hats and robes? Today, magic games for Android will take you into the world of wizards and witches and you can experience swimming in the ocean of magic. As you know, we had decent and evil wizards and you'll participate in the war between them. We also have different creatures like pixies, centaurs and many more and if you want to meet them, try these Android RPG games, action games and puzzle games for Android.


Magic Rampage

Magic Rampage is a great action game in which you'll face lots of magical creatures and monsters. The wizard you'll be controlling is customizable and you can make it look how you want. At the end of the levels, you'll face bosses and you've got to be careful with them because they are very strong. It will run on a normal phone with Android 2.3 and up.


Magic Rush: Heroes

If you want to fight in a magic war, try it on Magic Rush because it will be a glorious battle. It's one of those Android RPG games that shows the world from above and you should use the correct spells to defeat the vicious creatures. When you find yourself surrounded by them, you should summon the heroes and they'll come to help you. Play it on a good phone with Android 2.3.3 and up.


Magic Escape

The story of wizard who is trapped in a con fined place must be amazing. Magic Escape is one of the best puzzle games for Android and you should help the wizard to solve the mysteries and find a way out. The magic environment is designed beautifully and you'll enjoy playing it. You can play it on a decent phone with Android 2.3 and up.


Shards of Magic

Shards of Magic is another brilliant game for witchcraft and you'll find yourself in a world of wizards and witches and magical creatures. You should be careful with the monsters and use your powerful spells to kill them. You won't be alone on your way and your mighty and loyal guardians will help you finish your journey. Play it on a good phone with Android 3.0 and up.


Magic Blender

At last, we will be brewing magic potions in a puzzle game named Magic Blender. Actually, it's an arcade puzzle game and you should put the potions with matching colors beside each other. There are different levels in the game and you'll love to keep on playing. It can run on any phone with Android 2.3 and up.


So, these are the best magic games for Android. We can categorize them into Android RPG games, action games and puzzle games for Android.

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