Being healthy and fit is something that is desired by every single human and a big part of our health depends on our diet. Some people care about it a lot and go to doctors to know which diet is better for them but there is an easier way. You can simply use your Android device to get some advice about your diet. You can also plan your meals and grocery list using these apps. So if you want eat healthy using Android, here are the 5 best meal planner Android apps. We will also have a meal planner for the ones who work out.


Food Planner

First of all, we are going to help you plan your diet on Android with Food Planner. You can write and keep your meal plan, grocery list, inventory and recipe collection with this app. You can also sync them to the cloud. Plan your daily meals from breakfast to dinner and you will know what you eat daily so you can decide about your future meals better.


Eat This Much

After knowing how to plan your meals, it's time to eat healthy using Android. Eat This Much is an app that plays the role of your doctor and you can get good advices about your diet. The diet plans are based on your diet goals, the foods you like and your budget and once you have answered these questions, you will have perfect plan for yourself.


Diet Point – Weight Loss

In the series of meal planner Android apps, it's time to lose some weight. Diet Point is a weight loss coach that contains more than 130 weight loss plans. So more than 130 diet plans seems fascinating and you can use another plan if you are not comfortable with one of these plans. Beside these plans, the app has weight loss estimator, weight tracker and monitor and a calculator.


Fitness Meal Planner

Plan your diet on Android but this time for fitness. Fitness Meal Planner is an app for planning daily meals for the ones who work out and they can reach their fitness goal easier and sooner using this app. It automatically calculates what your body needs after answering some questions about yourself and your fitness goals.


Meal Planner – Alembic

Meal Planer – Alembic, our last recommendation, is an app that calculates the calories of what you eat. You just need choose if it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks and enter the names of the foods and it will tell you how much calorie it contains and then it's up to you. You can exercise to burn the extra calorie or change your diet.


So, our today's article was about apps that help you plan your diet and eat healthy using Android. We introduced apps for writing and keeping your meals, getting a diet plan based on your information; one for ordinary people and one for the people who work out, losing weight and calculating the calories of the meals.

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