Medical dictionaries for Android are kind of apps that are used often by a lot of people but they are not the only medical apps for Android. Since everyone experience diseases from time to time, they find it necessary to get treatments. So everyone is involved with medical science nowadays and we have decided to introduce the best medical apps for Android. Now what are their features? You can use them to get medical information and get the latest medical news using them. There are also medical dictionaries, medical calculator and an app for doctors with which they can keep the records of their patients.


Get Medical Information on Android

Knowing some certain information about drugs, diseases and other medical stuff is something necessary for every nurse and doctor. Also the people who use medicines need to know about their diseases and the features and side effects of what they use. Medscape is an Android app that is one of the best ways to get medical information on Android. It provides you with medical information and news, medical calculators and some medical lessons. So, this is it: a perfect medical app.


Get the Latest Medical News on Android

Like other sciences, medical science is developing and new ways of curing the patients get invented. So, every nurse and doctor needs to be up to date if they want to cure the patients successfully. Medical News Online is another app that provides you with the latest news of medical world. It uses a lot of reliable sources and medical journals and you can choose which source to use and keep up with healthcare professionals.


Medical Dictionaries for Android

As I mentioned before, medical dictionaries are used by a lot of people because they need to know about their disease and medicines to cure it and their side effects. Also, doctors and nurses need to know them but knowing all of them by heart seems to be impossible, so they need to use the written information. Diseases Dictionary is an app that has gathered the names of the diseases and their brief explanations. Drugs Dictionary Offline is the dictionary for medicines and their features and side effects. These two medical dictionaries for Android have proven to be very useful.


Medical Calculators

Calculate by QxMD is a medical calculator that helps the nurses and doctors to calculate some certain medical stuff. The calculator has some categories and after asking some questions, it calculates some certain things like yearly risk of stroke. It seems to be very useful for healthcare professionals.


Keep the Records of Your Patients

Doctor Patient Medical Records, our last recommendation, is a perfect app for every doctor. They can keep and mange their patients records, like health records, appointments and so many other things. The app also avails the doctors to add pictures and voice records to the records too.


Body Anatomy is something that is used in medical science too but we have previously introduced it in Android apps for biology. All in all, these were the apps for getting medical information and news, medical dictionaries and calculator and an app for keeping records of patients. Hope you find it useful.

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