For some good reasons, it's better to use our devices with dim light and if you want to do it, we have some great apps for you. Night filter apps for Android will be introduced for you because bright light of your Android device can cause sleeping disorders and you find it hard to sleep. You can’t dim the screen of Android device enough in its setting. So, here come the apps and take care of your health by decreasing the light by adding a color. Not only it brings you the healthy habit of sleeping early but also protects your eyes from getting damaged. So, if you want to try these Android apps for health, stay with us.



Twilight is a great way to gradually dim the screen of Android device considering the situations of the sun. In the broad daylight your screen will be as bright as you have set and when the sun goes down, your screen will gradually get darker by a color. The least light will shine when it's time to sleep and it won't bother you before sleeping.


Bluelight Filter

Sometimes adding a dimming filter to your screen not only prevents sleeping disorders but also can protect your eyes from getting damaged. Hardy-Infinity offers two Android apps for health: Bluelight Filter – Night Mode and Bluelight Filter for Eye Care. As the names suggest, the first one is proper for night time and the second one can protect yo ur eyes all day long.


Bluelight Filter – Night Mode by Geeks.Lab.2015

Bluelight Filter - Night Mode is another great app to dim the screen of Android device and it has an extra option too. You can choose the color of the dimming filter and so, you can choose the color your eyes are more comfortable with. This app can also be used for the daily use.


Night Mode-Battery & Eye Saver

Dimming the battery has another benefit too and aside from protecting your eyes, it reduces the battery usage. You can use Night Mode-Battery & Eye Saver to use your phone with a relaxing dim light and your battery will be used less at the meantime.


Red Moon – Screen Filter

Red Moon – Screen Filter, our last recommendation, reduces the light of your device by adding a red filter on your screen. It gets dimmer when the night comes and prevents the screen from irritating your eyes. So, it can be named one of the good Android apps for health because it protects your eyes from harm.


All in all, these are the best night filter apps for Android. They make the screen of your device dimmer and protect your eyes from harm, help you sleep easier and save your battery.

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