Puzzle games are famous for the brain work and you need to think for solving the puzzles. They exercise your brain somehow. Puzzle games for Android have become popular because of their amusing plots and their plain but beautiful graphics. You can easily access your Android device and solve puzzles on Android anywhere you want. So, I should say that these games can be very addictive. We will have amusing puzzle games including an arcade light physics puzzle game for Android in this article. If you're a fan of puzzle games, don't miss these ones.


Ghosts of Memories

Ghosts of Memories is a brilliant adventure puzzle game containing 21 mysterious levels. You will travel across the beautiful lands of civilizations and you shall solve the puzzles that try to stop you from moving on. The graphics is a beautiful mixture of 2D artwork with 3D environment. The music in the background makes it even more mysterious and drowns you in the world of the game.


Dream Machine

If you want to solve puzzles on Android, Dream Machine is another great adventure puzzle game. You have to escape from a cold factory and you have to solve the puzzles to do it. You will reach to the beautiful fantasy world at last but before that, a dangerous world is waiting for you. You should also defeat the bosses too. All in all, let's not get addicted to the stunning graphics and game play and the storyline of Dream Machine.


Light House

Light house is an arcade light physics puzzle game for Android, an isometric puzzle. In this game, you'll have to transport the light from a huge bulb to the lighthouse and you shall use mirrors and be careful of moving tiles to set light to the lighthouse. This light physics puzzle game for Android is highly recommended.



Zenge is another adventure puzzle game that tells the story of a lonely journeyman, stuck between the worlds and time. This game is not about scoring, you just have to solve the puzzles and enjoy the relaxing experience of this artistic game. The puzzles in this game are a little bit different from others and you will love them.



If you want a puzzle game that will keep you busy for a long time, we suggest you to play Maestria. You can enjoy 160 levels of this amazing game on your Android device. By solving the puzzles, you will bring back harmony in 8 magical worlds. You just need the bells in correct order to do that. Like previously introduced puzzle games, this one has enchanting graphics too.


So, this is it. These are the best puzzle games for Android. If you love puzzle games, you'll these adventure puzzle games and the light physics puzzles very interesting. You can solve puzzles on Android and have a lot of fun with these games.

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