A few days ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was officially revealed and here is the fact. It was brilliant but there are some reasons not to buy Galaxy Note 7 which will be released on August 19th. Before going to the disappointing facts about Note 7, let's review the reasons to buy Note 7. First of all, it has got Iris scanner and you can unlock your phone with your eyes. It's also the first phone to use Gorilla Glass 5 and it has USB type-C port and it is water and dust resistant. You can find out more in our article about Note 7 features. Now it's time to review Galaxy Note 7 cons. We're going to tell you the disappointing facts about Note 7 and reasons not to buy Galaxy Note 7 but you're the one who decides to buy it or not.


Galaxy Note 7 Cons and Reasons Not to buy Note 7


It's Big

It's not a con really but a lot of people may find it uncomfortable. The 5.7inch screen may seem too big. It won't be an easy job to hold it and a lot of people love delicate phones. So, if you are one of them, it may convince you not to buy Note 7.


It's too similar to S7 Edge

If you already have a Galaxy S7 Edge, you'll find Note 7 very similar to it. They have the same processor, the same RAM and the same cameras. S7 Ed ge has even a slightly larger battery than Note 7. The only noticeable difference is S Pen and if it's not that important to you, S7 Edge is a great choice.


No Android Nougat

The new phone in Note series will not come with new Android. Android Nougat is going to be released very soon and it has more amazing features than Android Marshmallow and it won't ship with Samsung's new phone and it's one of disappointing facts about Note 7.


It's Expensive

It's pretty expensive and the price starts with 850 dollars. On the other hand, there are phones with pretty similar features that are much cheaper; for example, One Plus 3 costs about 400 dollars. Even Galaxy S7 Edge costs 750 dollars and it's cheaper.


The New Nexus Phones Are Coming

Google's new flagships are expected to be released on October and the rumor says that there will be two new Nexus phones. They are expected to come with Android Nougat and they will have a lot of interesting and powerful features. Maybe you can hold on to see what Google has to offer. The new iPhone will also be released by then.


So, we reviewed Galaxy Note 7 cons and gave you five reasons not to buy it. Actually, it's a brilliant phone and if these facts are not that important to you, you'd better buy it because it has got a lot of wonderful features.

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