We do a lot of our business on our computers and sometimes we need to control it from a distance. We'll introduce the best remote desktop apps for Android today because they make it possible to control desktop with Android devices and so, they will solve your problem. They are very useful for PowerPoint presentations and we can count them as Android presentation apps too. Putting the presentation aside, you can use it as a mouse and use it with certain apps. So, don't go anywhere.


Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is not only a great tool for connecting your phone to your computer but it also is one of the best Android presentation apps. You can access multiple computers with this app and simply control each one in different tabs. It also supports multi-touch and the video and sound quality is impressive.


Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a great way to control desktop with Android and it gives you a feeling that is the nearest to using desktop from near. All you need to do is establish a connection from your computer and then connect your phone to it and everything is ready for remotely using your desktop.


TeamViewer for Remote Control

If you're about to give a presentation and want to do it perfect, then you should try TeamViewer for Remote Control, because it's a great remote desktop app that can be counted as one of the best Android presentation apps. You can use this app to do your whole desktop business on your Android device and you can even transfer files between them with this app.


GoToMyPC (Remote Desktop)

Have access to all of your computers on your phone using GoToMyPC (Remote Desktop). It makes it available for you to control desktop with Android with no difficulties anytime you want. Have access to your files and programs anytime you want on all the computers you have. It is so simple to use and you'll learn to do it easily.


RDP Remote Desktop aFreeRDP

RDP Remote Desktop aFreeRDP, the last one in our list, connects your phone to your computer and you can access it from anywhere. Use it with different apps like Word, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop, games and many more without even touching your computer. It is designed so well and using it is easy and simple.


All in all, these are the best remote desktop apps for Android. If you want to remotely control your desktop, for things like presentations, transferring files or using the apps, these will surely come in handy.

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